Occupational Safety Specialist

Occupational Safety Specialist

Occupational safety specialists are working in the workplaces for each worker safety in workplaces, the workplace is suitable or not to work if it is not it will be changing for the safety of the workers, make the risk assessment, inhibit the work accidents and the other things about workplaces and workers.

EFOR Occupational Health & Safety Co. Ltd. has occupational health and safety specialists, occupational physicians and other health physicians who are authorized from the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Labor and Social Security.

EFOR Joint Health & Safety Unit; occupational safety specialist and occupational physician work for workers safety and their health are increasing the quality and efficiency of the work. It is also important on the “Occupational Health and Safety” law but our specialists and physician are working to the first of all the workers.

With the law numbered 6331 , Occupational safety experts are responsible for working in the establishment, development and maintenance of a healthy and safe work environment and good conditions in the workplace. In Turkey, İt is compulsory that the regulations regarding the duties and responsibilities of the occupational safety specialist are carried out in accordance with the definition of occupational safety specialist and responsible engineer and technical personnel and the employer should work with the A, B, C class occupational safety specialist according to the risk group of the workplace.

Which expert is assigned to the workplace in which danger class?

Very dangerous Class A – Class B, Dangerous Class A – Class B, Less dangerous Class A – Class B – Class C experts are assignment.

EFOR O.S.G.B. As an occupational safety specialist at your workplace, we aim to provide a better service on a sectoral basis by using the expert who can identify the risks more accurately. EFOR O.S.G.B. It implements various control systems in order to prevent misbehavior in the work health and safety of your business. In this way, the error rate is close to zero

Occupational Safety Specialist Duties

· Examination of your workplace for the determination of the situation,

· Preparing a report on the shortcomings and improvement suggestions seen by our Occupational Safety Specialists periodically,

· Examining the content and competence of the work done in your workplace,

· Determining the deficiencies by evaluating the existing risks and the works done together,

· Employee Occupational Health and Safety Training,

· Providing training including slide shows, animation films, and applications,

· Organizing the training participation certificates of the successful ones by making a written evaluation at the end of the training,

· Preparing risk analysis for the identified risks,

· Establishment of the Occupational Health and Safety Board,

· Execution of Emergency Plan studies,

· Preparation of the document structure required for the operation,

· Periodical inspection and reporting of the workplace,

· T. C. Participation in the inspections to be carried out by the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services,

· Informing the company of current legislative changes,

· Creation of accident report root cause analysis reports in case of work accidents,

· Providing instant information support with all communication channels,

· Preparation of work safety instructions and work permit forms,

· Preparation of annual training plan, annual work plan, and annual evaluation report,

· Determination of corrective actions by investigating the accident incidents,

· Determination of control measures to prevent major accidents,

· Preparation of internal directives and ISG handbooks,

· Adaptation of legal regulations to the company,

· Planning and monitoring of periodic inspection and compliance report,

· Preparation of work safety control forms,

· Active monitoring of special risk groups in the field,

· EFOR OSGB. as we offer you many services with our experts

· Occupational safety specialist’ s work hours are calculated as follows:

Occupational Safety Specialist Minute for one employee in one month Number of employees required for full-time work
Less Dangerous 10 minutes 1000 employees
Dangerous 20 minutes 500 employees
Very Dangerous 40 minutes 250   employees


For example occupational safety specialist in a very dangerous workplace which has 12 employees is working 40 minutes per an employee 12 employees x 40 minutes = 480 minutes ie while work hours are calculated 8 hours in a month for part time ; in a dangerous workplace this time occupational safety specialist is working 20 minutes per an employee ie 12 employees x 20 minutes = 240 minutes ie work hours are calculated 4 hours for part time.


EFOR Occupational Health & Safety Co. Ltd. is committed to keeping people safe and healthy at work. Efor OSGB is your reliable OHS partner in Turkey.