Occupational Physician

Occupational Physicians

Occupational physicians are doctors, nurses and other health technicians and they must have an occupational medicine certificate. They are working in the workplaces for the all workers and employers health problems. When they are sick, physicians offer the treatment and the medicines to them. Physicians have also decided to the workers are suitable or not to their workplaces.

EFOR Occupational Health & Safety Co. Ltd. has occupational health and safety specialists, occupational physicians and other health physicians who are authorized from the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Services

EFOR Joint Health & Safety Unit; occupational safety specialist and occupational physician work for workers safety and their health are increasing the quality and efficiency of the work. It is also important on the “Occupational Health and Safety” law but our specialists and physician are working to the first of all the workers.

Efor Occupational Health & Safety Co. Ltd. committed to keeping people safe and healthy at work. Efor OSGB is your reliable OHS partner in Turkey.