Fire- Fighting Training

Fire- Fighting Training

What is fire fighting training?

Fire Fighting Training – The number of firefighting educated support staff must be at least 1 for every hazard class. All of the workers must train about firefighting and know the emergency plans of the workplace. On the firefighting training workers make practice based on the emergency plan and train about what is the fire, how can we extinguish the fire, types of equipment about the extinguish the fire and the other things about firefighting?

Fire- Fighting Training: Up to 30 workplaces in hazardous locations, 40 employees in workplaces in dangerous situations and 50 employees in less dangerous places; It is mandatory that at least 1 specialized and trained personnel are appointed as support staff for each of the search, security, and evacuation, fire fighting issues. There are employees working at the workplace, and 30, 40 and 50 employees are assigned a support officer according to the hazard class. According to the legislation; The fact that businesses are performed together in the Fire Safety Teams one afternoon before and one last time.

The Law No. 6331 on Occupational Health and Safety necessitated the appointment of a sufficient number of people with appropriate equipment for fire protection, protection, evacuation, and fire fighting regardless of the scale of the workplace. The law requires the manager or employer to be equipped with tools and equipment for the possibility of fire, training and exercise and the persons/persons trained in the possibility of fire should always be present in institutions or organizations.

Our basic training are 8 hours in total and they are given to the support staff who will work in the emergency plan and they are given a certificate at the end of the training. General Fire Training is for all employees working in white and blue collar.

Fire- Fighting Training Scope

  • What is Fire?
  • Types of Combustion, Causes of Fire Outbreak, Formation Phases
  • Fire Fighting Teams and Tasks
  • Fire Extinguisher Types and Devices
  • Fire Fighting Devices Usage, Maintenance, Control
  • Fire Instant Movement Style
  • Fire Warning Operations
  • Emergency Action Plans
  • Fire Protection Clothing and Equipment

Fire- Fighting Training Certificate

How do you get a fire fighting certificate?

Fire training/practice is carried out at least once a year. At the end of these training, the trainees are entitled to fire department certificates.

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